Sunrise, Sunset, Sun Rise Again

Over these next few weeks we’ll be shaking off the husk of winter, riding the great wheel of the year’s cycle, and opening to the new offerings of spring. The cherry blossoms, the spring-loaded baby goats and the fasting Christians will all be focused on the time of renewal. Although it feels unique each year, these seasons repeat themselves and every winter prepares us and the ground for fresh, new beginnings.

As the great temple door of 3 Oms begins to swing shut, I am dreaming into my next steps. There will be doors that I can open at that time, to continue to participate in the riches of our yoga community. Some paths are clear now, others still need these 40-something sunrises and sunsets, to become fresh, fragrant blossoms.

Our world is always in transition, and yet we still long for stability. The yogic practices are such profound comfort and support for our human condition. The changes of these past three years are innumerable and the ripple effects of each transformation are yet unknown.

One thing that is clear now is that prices have risen.  We have to consider our choices more carefully, and discern the ways we’re using our prānā, or life force. Do you shop locally or save money through Amazon? Will you pick Coke zero or carrot juice? Crossfit or yoga? Subscription to another streaming channel or awakening practices? How are your choices going to sustain you and the world you desire?

How do we make something new from that which already exists? We have to be prepared to be a bit uncomfortable. Letting go is one of the most difficult lessons. How often do we hear a loved one say, “I just need to let go.”, and hear the anguish and longing in their voice? They long for the freedom they can already sense, and the wisdom to recognize that their beliefs are holding them back from that freedom.

My lesson now is recognizing my worth in this world, letting go of old beliefs about the legitimacy of esoteric work.

I know that the work I do is profound and has led hundreds of students and clients to greater freedom and joy.

I’ve used ancient tools from yoga and Buddhism,
as well as modern wisdom from living teachers
and 12-step work, to teach clients how to listen to themselves.

I create a safe container and model deep listening, so yoga therapy participants learn to assess and explore themselves, and experience their embodied mental health. In this secure environment, they are able to hear what they need, from their own psyche, nervous system and subconscious mind.

Clients would typically have to hire 2-3 practitioners to do this work: a talk therapist, a physical therapist, and a yogi with 30+ years of therapeutic experience. When we make space for the whole person to be present, answers come quickly and the news is straight from the soul. It often says, “I want to be seen. I want to know that you won’t forget me again.”.In recognizing my value, I also acknowledge that I must care for my greatest asset – myself. Prānā going out, to clients and students, requires prānā coming in.

In order to sustain myself as an independent business owner, my prices for yoga and yoga therapy will be increasing on April 1. I will have some new offerings starting at that time as well, including custom yoga videos for your specific needs.

During these next 6 weeks, you can purchase up to 10 gift certificates at my current rates, and use them over the next 3 months (until July 1).

I will continue my scholarship program, so everybody can have access to yoga therapy.The New Rates, Beginning April 1, are as follows:

Yoga Therapy (one-on-one)                                              $150
75-minute Private Yoga for 1 – 5 people                            $150
60-minute Private Yoga                                                    $125, 3x/week $100 ea.
Custom Yoga Video (created after a Private session)           $150
(This is downloadable and you can keep it forever)
In-person sessions will happen at my home studio, and virtual sessions via zoom.
I plan to add 4-week series of small group yoga therapy classes with specific topics.
             Look for more news about this as spring begins to truly unfold.