Scholarship Fund

Yoga Therapy Scholarship Program

At Cat Enright Yoga Therapy, I offer need-based scholarships for yoga therapy. If finances are your only barrier to receiving the support and healing you need, please reach out. Thanks to my generous donors, I am often able to offer reduced, and even free sessions.

By sharing my services in this way, I facilitate a win-win-win situation –

Contributors feel content, knowing their assets are supporting a healthier world, in which they are living.

Scholarship recipients take in these healing practices and can regain their confidence and well-being to carry on.

I benefit, as I glean the rewards of serving the community in this way, spreading the good news about this somatic healing practice, and knowing my business will remain robust as well.

If you would like to become a contributor, click this link to connect to PayPal. You will find me at Cathleen C Enright, or Yoga with Cat. Yoga Therapy sessions are currently $125, so consider this when making a donation. Your contributions are tax-deductible, just let me know if you would like a receipt.

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