Up From the Ashes …

When my kids were littles, we had a disc of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang in the car, and so I know all of the words to all of the songs. These clever, jaunty jingles sometimes fit the moment perfectly. The complete phrase above is, “Up from the ashes, grow the roses of success.”.

Rather than the magnificent phoenix rising from the flames in the Egyptian tradition, the songwriters for this film chose roses as the resurrection or reward after apparent absolute destruction to ash.

The impending closure of 3 Oms rides around on my back, lurks in the depths of my stomach and took me down, entirely, for a full day.  I became ashes as I cried myself out of the shape of who I was before.

I won’t become a phoenix, mythologically repeating this same cycle, but rather, the rose. I will build upon what is already here, the rich compost that arises from a thoughtfully tended mixture. I will grow those hardy, strong stalks, and the archetypal beauty, tenderness and aroma of success.

The home studio! Yes, I am so glad to have created this yoga home to share with my clients. Starting in April,I will hold all of my yoga therapy sessions here, where I can offer even more privacy and confidentiality. I can also offer the cup of tea, which traditionally symbolizes my wish to make sure that you, as my guest and client, receive the best possible treatment.

In addition, I will be teaching private and semi-private yoga sessions at this same little sanctuary. This space holds a maximum of five people, who like to be close with their sangha!

The difference between Yoga Therapy and private yoga: both are tailored to your individual needs. While private yoga focuses on body, breath and yoga philosophy, and can be done as a couple or group, Yoga Therapy is one-on-one, and includes mental, emotional and spiritual counseling, in addition to those other practices.

Both include a written home practice for you, customized specifically to support your challenges and desires. With Yoga therapy, this may include āsana and prānāyāma, and could also have a mantra, a meditation or an “off the mat” exercises, such as noticing the buds on the branches.

I am gestating more ideas, while my compost grows nutrient-rich. These notions include:

* A purchasable weekly yoga lesson, recorded, that you can use anytime during the week.

* A purchasable weekly meditation, also recorded, for your home use at your leisure.

* Possibly live classes at another studio in town.

* Maybe retreats on Orcas Island.

I would like to hear from you! I understand that the loss of 3 Oms is community-wide, and that each of us is full of amazing ideas. I would like to know what you need and desire, knowing that I will consider all of your wisdom as I move forward.

This is still the composting phase, and the rose needs robust nourishment before it forges upward. Please send me your input to make this a healthy, diverse mix!