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Please vote.

If you haven’t yet, and you live on the west coast, you still have a few hours left!

What you believe is important, and you deserve to be represented in a way that shows respect for your values and morals. You are worth it!

Each one of us matters, every voice, every vote. Otherwise, why would some folks spend so much energy trying to prevent other folks from casting their ballots?

Know your value, your worth, and live as if you really matter!

In Buddhist thinking, the opportunity to be born human is super rare. The story is that if an ancient sea turtle came to the surface of the ocean once each year, the chances of it surfacing right in the center of a red life ring, are the same chances of you incarnating as a person! Wow, so we are very fortunate just to be here. Why is it so rare for any of us to value this blessing?

Our typical human minds get in our way, that’s why. From a very early age, maybe even at birth, we suffer from dualism, meaning we nearly always perceive self and other. I am in here, everything else is out there.

When we see something outside of ourselves, right away, so quickly that it’s not even a thought, we decide either, “I like that thing.” or “I don’t like that thing.”.  It could be anything: a soft white bunny or a jagged knife blade.  Then we move into, “I want it.” and we go toward it, or “I don’t want it.” then we try to get away from it.

If we do get it, and we do indeed like it, this romance won’t last forever, and eventually we want something else. Maybe I want a Tesla and I obsess over it, perhaps aiming all of my life energy to figure out how to get this shiny red car!  At last it happens, at whatever cost to everything else in my life.  I drive it, it’s amazing, and at some point, I don’t even notice it anymore. It didn’t fill me up forever.

If we don’t want it, and we’re able to keep it away for a short time, this also isn’t satisfying long term, and we develop strategies to keep away from it forever. Let’s say my first experience of a balloon was one that popped and made that shockingly loud noise. I cried, and the balloon was taken away. After that, I was too afraid to risk even seeing a balloon again, and subsequently had to avoid amusement parks, birthday parties, farmer’s markets, and any place where I might encounter a balloon.

All of this attachment and aversion take up so much of our time!

They distract us from contemplating what really matters to us,
what experiences or beings
fill us up
in a more longstanding way.

This is the value of
practicing detachment –
you can be freer,
and have more time to pursue
what you value.




We seem to use the same guidelines with our assessment of ourselves. Once we can do anything with proficiency, we poo-poo it. Let’s say you play the cello soulfully, or can quickly calculate the square root of a bizillion, or can identify which fungi will give you visions.

Once you can do it well, usually it’s difficult to even receive praise about your skill or talent. An old friend has finished the Ironman competition multiple times. when I compliment her, she says, “Oh, you could do it. It’s not that hard.”.

When the Dalai Lama first come to the US, he was confused by the low self-esteem of most Americans. He said that in Tibet this self-doubt or even self-hatred just didn’t exist and it bewildered him that this kind of suffering was so pervasive.

We all want respect and to be seen as capable and worthy, but might need to learn how to ask for this recognition, and to practice again and again. Let me step up as a leader today!

Now that I’ve been practicing Yoga Therapy for over seven years, I am confident that I offer lasting support to my clients. I can’t tell you their stories, but I can assure you that their lives have changed for the better. We all benefit when suffering is relieved and our fellows find their way to freedom and joyful engagement with life.

The value of healing is immeasurable. A healthy being has choices and can learn to manage harmful habits. One can move beyond ordinary desire and its repercussions.

If you’ve experienced a session with me, you know that I follow up with notes from the session, reminders of poignant phrases, and a home practice to help you strengthen your growing edge.

These write ups require me to review the session notes, scan for the helpful details, and describe in detail the postures, breath work, mantras, images, etc., so you will remember what we did.

This takes time! My time is valuable, and I now want to honor this, and be paid for my professional time.

My rate of $125 – $140 will stay the same, and starting in December, I will use a portion of the 90 minute appointment to create the write-up of that session. On your side, you will receive a 75-minute Yoga Therapy session, and a write up soon after.

Additionally, my newsletter is offered free of charge, but there are costs. It takes me time, usually 3-4 hours.  If everyone who reads this publication paid an average of $5 per month, that would sustain me to continue to use my time writing weekly.

In the new year, you will be able to subscribe to the newsletter! If you’re excited to support me right away, just shoot me an email and I’ll guide you.

There are other ways you can support me to continue to do what I do:

Schedule a session!
Refer a friend, client, patient or loved one.
Donate to my scholarship fund.

If you value a healthy life of growth, and supporting other folks in getting the assistance and encouragement they need, show this to yourself and the world. How can you demonstrate what you value, that your ideas are worthy of your own time and energy?

I truly love my work, including creating this newsletter. I value my work and my time, and encourage you to value yourself and all the good work you do in this world.