Letting Go

I sure hope you’re finding ways to hang in there!  Things are feeling a bit bleak for me today, so if you’re feeling that same way, you’re in good company.

Maybe we can all remember that the struggle is our reminder of our humanness.  We belong, we are whole, and only because we all share this commonality of dark days.

If only it weren’t so uncomfortable to feel sad, anxious, heavy, maybe I would give in more easily.  It feels like something is wrong.  You might know Rumi’s poem, The Guest House, in which he tells us to greet each feeling, or guest,  at the door, laughing, and invite them in, because they have something to tell us, as a “guide from beyond”.

It’s hard for me to make space for these guests.  I just want to feel good all the time, don’t you?  I want to feel safe and confident that everything is going to be OK, but some days that confidence or faith isn’t there or it feels flimsy.  These are the days for surrender.

One of my favorite meditation teachers, Tara Brach, gives helpful instruction in this surrender.  She encourages us to “let go of the thoughts that block our immediate sensory experience, the tension in the body that reduces aliveness and the armoring around the heart that dulls our sensitivity and tenderness toward life itself.”

When I’m feeling so raw, or unthethered, it can feel even more vulnerable to “let go”.  I want to hold on to the small grip I have!  However, letting go serves as a thorough re-set.  I get to do now that which I eventually have to do:  admit that I have no control!  The only control I have is over my own mind.  I can fight and suffer or I can let go and taste peace.

Here are the words of Thai meditation master, Ajahn Chah:

If you let go a little, you will have a little peace.
If you let go a lot, you will have a lot of peace.
If you let go completely, you will have complete peace.

i’ve uploaded a Letting Go practice (on the Practice Recordings page) – I hope this is helpful!