In Between

Here’s a sweet Autumn poem I found:

The sun, tired of green summer
peeks through his kaleidoscope
and twists the world into vivid color.

Welcome to Autumn!  The Equinox on Tuesday marked the rare balance point between the extremes of summer and winter.  Yesterday turned out to feel more like the former and I paddled on the placid Puget Sound, with the sun warming my back.  Today I am bundled in a sweater, scarf and slippers, dreaming up my next snack already.  It feels good to be snuggled into this cosy house, looking out through the melty windows when I hear the boisterous wind roughing up the leaves like a 4 year-old boy.

Equinox is a great time to ponder the extremes in our own lives, maybe times of being very extroverted, carefree, and outside.  Contrast that with very inward times, maybe engrossed in study, or worries, or contemplations on life’s meaning.  Fall feels like a time when we can have both.  We can bask a while longer in the sun’s waning generosity, reminiscing over sweet tomatoes and cantaloupe.  We know we’re heading to colder, shorter days and fewer delights from the garden.  This particular fall means many of us will not see our loved ones as much, even mask-to-mask, as rain will wash away some of our safe ways to visit.  It would be easy to feel the heart like a growing burden, somehow becoming heavier as we trod along through big leaf piles.

However, today, I feel that boisterous little boy instead.  There is so much life still in this fall, and we really don’t know what the winter will bring.  We might contemplate what we’ll need as we draw deeper into our caves through those long nights.  Yoga practice teaches us, in an embodied way, to move from the superficial to the subtle, from the outer to the inner, and this can be supported by our “moving” into this darker time of year.  You may already feel drawn to review that stack of books by the bed, honing in on what you’ll read next.  Yogic philosophy encourages us to study the self, the soul, the unknown.  There is support to rediscover your “inner light” as the sun’s light becomes harder to find.

What has been living in your peripheral vision, waiting for you to give it your full gaze?  Maybe you’re ready to take on bread baking?  Is it time to move the furniture or make a new piece of art for your cave?  Perhaps winter typically brings on depression for you and you’re ready to dive into that mysterious pool.

Whatever you choose, even if it’s another Netflix series, consider checking in with someone regularly, and telling them what you’re discovering.  This could be a friend or partner, or maybe a supportive therapist.  Many of you have experienced the deep support of yoga therapy and are now living a freer life.

Yoga Therapy  is all about self-discovery, making friends with all of your inner parts, and finding creative ways to be sure that all of your parts are heard and attended.  Sometimes our inner selves feel like demons and often thoughts are clouded, tangled and confusing.  Yoga Therapy can help get things sorted and tended, one at a time.

If you’re new to yoga therapy, I would like to offer you a 20% discount on your first session.  If you have been away and are ready to dive in again, please also accept 20% off your next session.  If finances are tight, I have a few scholarships available.

I am also offering my Yoga for Anxiety workshop, through 3 Oms Yoga, on October 17, from 11 am to 1 pm.  This can be a wonderful way to address worry and its physical manifestations in a group setting.  It is an instant sangha, a safe space where we can recognize that we’re all suffering!

Furter, in November, I will facilitate a 4-week series to support those folks dealing with menopause, and the huge range of symptoms included.  Some of us experience sleeplessness, irritability, mood swings, and a feeling of being done – with everything.  The group will be closed after the first meeting, so we can enjoy confidentiality and comfort of the small group.

Meanwhile, fall is here, and the wind may be stirring things up for you.  Consider caring for yourself and making a commitment to this, so you can enjoy your time in your cave.