Client Experiences

“After months of curiosity about Cat’s yoga therapy I finally booked a session, thinking it would help me with my chronic neck and knee pain. Boy did I get more than I’d bargained for! Cat’s approach works at a much deeper level than the physical body, diving into the emotional causes of physical issues. With Cat’s wisdom and patient tutelage I’ve been able to explore past traumas and current emotional reactions. The depth of her therapeutic approach has helped me completely transform my life! She seamlessly incorporates yoga sutra, physical movement, and psychotherapy. Regardless of the issues we discuss, I’ve never felt judged by Cat whatsoever. She has a vast amount of wisdom in all areas of life and supports personal exploration and growth. I am forever grateful to Cat for providing yoga therapy. She’s changed my life and the ripples to my children, family, friends and community is significant. I wholeheartedly recommend Cat’s yoga therapy for those who want to work on physical, emotional or spiritual growth.” – Robin Newberry

“I came to Cat with the vague notion that developing a personal yoga routine would be helpful. I was completely focused on the ‘yoga’ part and assumed the ‘therapy’ part was like physical rehab.

‘Helpful for what?’ she asked with a warm smile. So I gave her everything: my trauma, my sleepless nights, my ongoing anxiety, my feeling totally stuck in my life, my underlying feelings of fear and depression. She heard me deeply, and over time, has crafted yoga practices, visualizations, and meditations that helped me heal and transform all those aspects that were holding me back from being my authentic self. And through it all her support, encouragement, and gentle presence was modeling the very qualities and desired most.

Cat offers therapy in every sense of the word.” – M.K. Bellingham

“I was so fortunate to have been led to Cat’s skilled, compassionate and wise hands during a time of major transformational crisis. I had never in my life been so raw, so undone, so hurting. I was in a position of needing so much. Looking back, it almost makes me cry to know that I somehow was lucky enough to have come upon her work. Although I had no idea what yoga therapy was and what it would entail, I knew I was supposed to be there. Being able to pull the pain, heartache and all of the stored emotions I had stuffed down for decades with Cat throughout that year was worth 10 years of therapy. She knows how to follow you into your body and it’s wisdom so that you are never alone with what comes up and guides you back. I, a guarded skeptic, was able to open up to a place of vulnerability with her because I felt I could fully trust the safety of the space she created.

“God, thinking back…. this makes me teary. Thank you one million times for your big heart, for never leaving me hanging when I was so lost. The well was deep!” Anonymous, Bellingham

”Cat has been a yoga therapist, teacher and friend to me over the years. As a yoga teacher, I have never had such a skilled and seasoned co-worker. I adore the depth to her classes and workshops. As a practitioner of Soma Structural Integration, her yoga therapy work compliments mine in a seamless and beautiful way. She moves people into their bodies and through pain, trauma and suffering with grace and ease. I know personally because I have been on the mat with her, weeping buckets of tears and naming my suffering. I have sent my clients to her with outstanding and continuous results. Cat supports hearts to sing with more love!” – Elizabeth Ruff, LMT, SOMA Practitioner, and RYT500

“I’ve been taking private yoga instruction from Cat for almost three years now, and working with her has been phenomenal.  Cat knows so much about different kinds of techniques for different needs, and takes the whole person into account: both spiritual and physical.  She’s incredibly caring and wise–also upbeat and fun!  I heartily recommend Cat for any yoga practice instruction.” – Jill Smith, PT

“Cat Enright provided me with supportive and compassionate guidance to work through a difficult time in my life.  I had tried many different types of mainstream therapy but I feel that true healing came from Cat’s yoga therapy.  Always warm and gracious, Cat listens attentively and directs the session with a kind heart and acceptance. I found that the combination of breath, movement and visualization was curative and healthful.  I would recommend Cat Enright as a yoga therapist to anyone.” -B.T., Mount Vernon

“Your knowledge, training and intuition make your work so powerful and I love the uniquely tailored guided meditations, instead of something not specifically created for my situation.

For me talk therapy only peels back so many layers. Accessing emotions into the physical body I can tap deeper. I can set my reasoning, thinking and conscious mind aside and notice what and where I have spaciousness and where there is tension.

For me, yoga therapy was useful when all other techniques that I have learned were not working.” – Anonymous, Bellingham

Cat is someone who genuinely wants to support you and finding what you are looking for.  Yoga therapy is an amazing balance between the two.  You are able to learn more about your body and how it is all connected.  The sessions I love the most come when Cat is able to push me with my yoga practice that in-turn supports another aspect of my life.